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Tasks and goals of the Keil Collection Heidelberg

Peter Robert Keil trifft Wilhelm Kampik

Collecting is often a matter of passion. What is surprising about this aspect is that the emotions, motivations, and feelings cannot be described unambiguously. Involved are generally strong feelings, coupled with curiosity and interest in tracing developments in art, and the deciphering of enigmatic symbols and hidden content in pictures.

The starting point for Wilhelm Kampik’s and Stephan Teuber’s collection is the entrepreneur’s personal viewpoint on contemporary art. The painting of the New Fauves/Neo-Expressionists beginning in 1960 is the central core of the collection.
Since 2005, Kampik has also collected in the international context. He collects “in depth”, i.e., he purchases whole groups of works from individual artists, and he buys continuously. His collection of works by Peter Robert Keil has meanwhile grown to more than 1,200 pieces.

Keil Collection Heidelberg

An essential goal of the collection is to make the works accessible to the public in connection with the architecture of the company building in an almost private atmosphere.