P.R. Keil

Keils painting, his complete artistic work is full of spontaneity, directness and sensual expression and great affection for colour.

P.R. Keil belongs to the generation of the so called ‘young wildes’, a mainly Berlin based group of young painters who in the eighties revolted against Minimal and Concept art with its super intellectual contents. Instead of all this cold and rough intellectualism they an emotional, eruptive art, pure painting with themes of their own social background, the Berlin Bohemien-scene, punk, hippies and subculture. All this was created with great intensity, emphatic-expressive colours and a very loose and spontaneous brushstroke.
The art of these ‘young wildes’ polarises, now and then, because of their love for emphatic gestures, their carefreeness, their apparently trivial themes. This is exactly the case with P.R. Keils work – he is obviously a child of its day. Emotional spontaneity and the sometimes nearly obsessive manner in transforming his own state of mind into painting is a very characteristic in Keils work. Its the work of  a maniac artist, who painted thousands of pictures and objects throughout the past years. Not every single one of all these many artworks achieves highest quality but all permit an insight into the personal background of their cerator.